Criminal Defense Services

There are numerous reasons why you may need the services of a criminal defense lawyer. A competent lawyer does not come cheap, but a conviction on your record can have a bad effect on your life. First, there are possibilities of hefty fines and time behind bars. Also, even a petty misdemeanor could prevent you from getting a good job. Even though potential employers say that they only check through the last seven years of your criminal history, that is rarely the case, and your ENTIRE history will affect your chances of being hired.


Also, prior convictions can cause the law enforcers to scrutinize your closely if you are suspected of a crime in the future. It can also influence sentencing in future cases. Nowadays, people even go through criminal history records before going on first-time dates. Simply said, you need to properly defend yourself to get the best possible outcome. Of course, the best way to do that is by hiring a reliable criminal defense lawyer.


The most common areas where you may require the help of a criminal defense attorney are:

DWI and DUI cases

When you are stopped by the law enforcers for suspicion of driving under the influence, some rules must be followed during the stop. Violating the procedures can be a violation of your rights, and that can weaken the prosecutor’s case against you. So, hire a defense lawyer who specializes in criminal law. They will assess the following:

-Was there a viable reason to stop you

-Was the breath test properly administered and was the individual qualified for the task?

-Was the equipment functioning optimally?

Domestic Violence


In some cases, false accusations can be made out of spite. For example, in a divorce case, the wife may claim spousal abuse with the aim of harming the husband’s credibility in the battle. Always have a lawyer by your side for such cases.

Federal Charges


Keep in mind that federal charges are usually serious and hold substantial penalties. A lawyer who experienced in the federal criminal justice system and knows the investigative process is crucial in initiating an ideal defense.

Some of the issues related to federal charges include:

Drug Conspiracy

Money Laundering

Mortgage Fraud

Medicare Fraud

Tax Frauds